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News & Press: Member Spotlights

Get to Know Our Members!

Friday, February 21, 2020  
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We are always happy to hear about your career updates and would love to help amplify your research or other career accomplishments on our platforms! LSA members can fill out our Member Spotlight Questionnaire Form!


  • University of Michigan Law School

Number of years as LSA member: 5
Number of LSA Meetings Attended: 2

Areas of Research:

  • Legal History
  • Rural Law
  • Local Government Law
  • Property

Favorite Topic to Teach or Research: Legal History

Major Award(s) or Honors: 

Unique Fact: "I am a co-founder of and womenalsoknowhistory.comI'm proud to be part of an effort to change the look and sound of expertise in our field and support the work of women and nonbinary scholars."

Top 3 Articles Published: 

To learn more about Emily, check out her bio here


  • Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Number of years as LSA member: 2
Number of LSA Meetings Attended: 3
LSA Collaborative Research Network (CRN) Organizer:

  • CRN 46: Corporate and Securities Law in Society

Areas of Research:

  • Contracts
  • Corporate Law and Securities
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Corporate Governance

Favorite Topic to Teach or Research: Constraints, Business Associations, Entrepreneurship

Major Award(s) or Honors: 

  • CALI Excellence for the Future Award for highest grade in Principles of American Legal Writing
  • World Congress of Georgian Jews Award for Academic Excellence & Social Contribution
  • Dean's Award, HALEV Volunteer Project Director (Tel-Aviv University)

Unique Fact: "As an immigrant and daughter to parents who are immigrants and entrepreneurs, I strongly believe that entrepreneurship is a vehicle that can contribute to upward social mobility. As the first woman in my family to attend law school, I used my legal education to contribute to society. I devoted my career to the advancement of diversity, equity, empowerment and inclusion."

Top 3 Articles Published: 

Recent Media Appearances: 

Several media outlets and corporate law blogs have featured Anat's research on unicorn firms, including the Fortune MagazineBusiness Law Prof Blog, Harvard Corporate Governance Blog, Mayer Brown's Free Writings + Perspectives Blog, Bloomberg’s Money Stuff, and Tech Nation: TheMarker Magazine.

To learn more about Anat, ch eck out her bio here


  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Dingwall Enterprises Ltd

Number of years as LSA member: 35
Number of LSA Meetings Attended: 30
LSA Officer Position(s) and Committees Served:

  • Trustee (1999-02) 
  • Nominations Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Annual Meetings Planning Committee
  • Herbert Jacob Book Prize Committee
  • Harry J. Kalven Jr. Prize Committee
  • Stan Wheeler Mentorship Award Committee

Areas of Research:

  • Law and Healthcare
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Legal Profession
  • Law and Language
  • Tort
  • Family and Children
  • Regulation

Favorite Topic to Teach or Research: Law and Healthcare

Major Award(s) or Honors: 

  • Fellow of Academy of Social Sciences
  • Honorary Member of the Faculty of Public Health
  • Socio-Legal Studies Association - Contributions to the Socio-Legal Community Award (2020)

Unique Fact: "Dingwall has held grants and contracts worth more than £7 million (at 2017 prices) in total from the Leverhulme and Wellcome Trusts, ESRC, NERC, MRC, EPSRC, BBSRC, the EU, the UK Department of Health and various NHS/NIHR programmes, the Ministry of Justice, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the Food Standards Agency. These have resulted in 30 books and more than 100 scientific papers." 

Top 3 Books or Articles Published: 

(R. Dingwall, J.M. Eekelaar and T. Murray), The Protection of Children: State Intervention and Family Life, Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1983. 
(D. Greatbatch and R. Dingwall) ‘Selective facilitation: some preliminary observations on a strategy used by divorce mediators’, Law and Society Review, 1989, 23; 4: 613 41.  

‘The ethical case against ethical regulation in humanities and social science research’, 21st Century Society, 2008, 3; 1: 1-12.

Recent Media Appearances: 

To learn more about Robert's career and his research, visit his website and NTU bio. 


  • Texas A&M University School of Law

Number of years as LSA member: 19
Number of LSA Meetings Attended: 10
Collaborative Research Networks: New Legal Realism; Socio-Legal Approaches to Property

Areas of Research:

  • Class
  • Comparative Law
  • Economic Law
  • Geography and Law
  • History
  • Justice
  • Race and Ethnicity

Favorite Topic to Teach or Research: Racial socio-economic inequalities arising from historical and current systemic racism in various property law relationships and systems.

Major Award(s): 

  • Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award
  • Fellow for the American College of Real Estate Lawyers
  • Fellow for the American Bar Foundation.

Unique Fact: "I am just the second African American ever to serve as a Reporter (person vested with the principal responsibility for drafting a uniform act) for the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) in its 127-year history, a period of time in which the ULC has promulgated about 450 uniform acts and has had between 475-500 Reporters (for some of the really big uniform acts such as the Uniform Commercial Code the ULC has had multiple Reporters)."

Top 3 Articles Published: 

From Reconstruction to Deconstruction: Undermining Black Landownership, 
Political Independence and Community Through Partition Sales of Tenancies 
in Common, 95 Northwestern University Law Review 505 (2001)

Reforming Property Law to Address Devastating Land Loss, 66 Alabama Law Review 1 (2014) (lead article)

New Legal Realism: Translating Law and Society for Today's Legal Practice (volume one) (Cambridge University Press 2016) (edited with Elizabeth Mertz and Stewart Macaulay).

Recent Media Appearances: 

(To learn more about Thomas Mitchell's media appearances, visit his bio at 


  • Assistant Professor of Law, University of California-Irvine School of Law 
  • Affiliated Faculty, Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession

Number of years as LSA member: 11
Number of LSA Meetings Attended: 11
Collaborative Research Networks: CRN 19 Co-Founder - Legal Education
International Research Network: Co-Founder - Invisible Institutionalisms
LSA Committees and governance positions: Class of 2022 LSA Board of Trustees; CRN Coordinating Committee (2019-21)
Favorite Food: Tacos

Areas of Research:

  • Legal Profession
  • Globalization
  • Gender
  • Global Souths
  • Legal Organizations and Institutions
  • Law and Mobility
  • Stratification
  • Qualitative and Mixed Methods
  • Queer and Feminist Legal Theory

Top 3 Articles Published: 

Ballakrishnen, Swethaa S. "Just Like Global Firms: Unintended Gender Parity and Speculative Isomorphism in India's Elite Professions." Law & Society Review 53, no. 1 (2019): 108-140. 

2019 Law and Social Inquiry. A New Minority?: International J.D. students in U.S. Law Schools (with Carole Silver) Ballakrishnen, Swethaa, Priya Fielding-Singh, and Devon Magliozzi. "Intentional Invisibility: Professional Women and the Navigation of Workplace Constraints." Sociological Perspectives 62, no. 1 (2019): 23-41.  (feat. in) Harvard Business Review   “Why Women Stay Out of the Spotlight At Work."  (Aug 28, 2018) 

Media Appearances: Harvard Business ReviewStep Into the Spotlight



  • University of Wisconsin Law School (Evjue-Bascom Professor of Law)
  • University of the Witwatersrand School of Law, Johannesburg, South Africa (Visiting Professor)

Number of years as LSA member: 24
Number of LSA Meetings Attended: 16
LSA Committees and governance positions:

  • Class of 2022 LSA Board of Trustees
  • Co-Chair, Program Committee - LSA Annual Meeting (2020; 2017; 2016)
  • Program Committee - LSA Annual Meeting (2019)
  • Chair - CRN Committee 
  • 50th Anniversary Committee (2013-14)
  • Co-Chair, International Activities Committee (2009-12)
  • Faculty, Early Career Workshop - LSA Annual Meeting (2009)
  • Faculty, Law and Society Summer Institute (2006)
  • Faculty, Graduate Workshop - LSA Annual Meeting (2006)
  • Member, Board of Trustees (2003)
  • Faculty, Law and Society Summer Institute (2003)
  • Member, Program Committee - Joint LSA and Research Committee on the Sociology of Law Annual Meeting (2000-01)
  • Faculty, Graduate Workshop - LSA Annual Meeting (2001)

Unique Facts: 

  • Served in Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed-wing of the African National Congress of South Africa and researcher for Zola Skweyiya
  • Served of Chair of the Department of Legal and Constitutional Affairs for the African National Congress of South Africa

Additional Hobbies: Fencing
Major Award(S): Doctor Honoris Causa, Hasselt University 2013

Top 3 Articles or Books Published: 

Constituting Democracy: Law, Globalism and South Africa’s Political Reconstruction,
Cambridge University Press (2000) 

The Constitution of South Africa: A Contextual Analysis, Hart Publishing, Oxford UK,
Portland, Oregon (2010) 

Decolonisation, Compensation and Constitutionalism: Land, Wealth and the Sustainability of Constitutionalism in Post-Apartheid South Africa, 34(3) South African Journal on Human Rights 469-491 (2018)



  • University of Oklahoma

Number of years as LSA member: 11
Number of LSA Meetings Attended: 9
LSA Committees and governance positions: International Activities Committee (2020)

Areas of Research:

  • Legal Profession
  • Law and Globalization
  • Law and Development

Additional Hobbies: Sports and Music
Major Award: CAPES/Fulbright fellowship (ranked 1st among all candidates in the social sciences)

Top 3 Articles or Books Published: 

Global Pro Bono: Causes, Organization, and Consequences (edited with Scott L. Cummings and Louise G. Trubek). Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2020

Legal Professionals and Development Strategies: Corporate Lawyers and the Construction of the Telecoms Sector in Brazil, 1980s–2010s (coauthored with David M Trubek). Law & Social Inquiry, 2018, available at:

Radicalism, Mythification, and Hard Issues in the Diffusion of "Public Interest Law" Across the Americas. The Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 31(3):421, 2018


  • University of Cape Coast (Faculty of Law)
  • Seattle University School of Law

Number of years as LSA member: 9
Number of LSA Meetings Attended: 5
Collaborative Research Networks: co-organizer - CRN 11: Displaced Peoples
LSA Committees and governance positions: LSA Herbert Jacob Book Prize Committee

Areas of Research:

  • Law
  • Social Justice and Ethics
  • Feminist/Indigenous Methodologies
  • Human Rights

Additional Hobbies: Critical debate, reading, half-marathons, basketball, and dancing
Major Award: Global Citizenship Award
Unique Fact(s): Veronica is a A Liberian War survivor and refugee; Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Internal Displacement,

Top Articles and Books Published:

Veronica Fynn, Documenting the Undocumented: Redefining Refugee Status (2010) Veronica Fynn, Legal Discrepancies: Internal Displacement of Women and Children in Africa, (Kusterdingen: Flowers Books, 2011). 

Veronica Fynn Bruey and Steven Bender, Deadly Voyages: Migrant Journeys Across the Globe, (Lanham: Lexington Books, Dec 2019).

Veronica Fynn, Legal Discrepancies: Internal Displacement of Women and Children in Africa, (Kusterdingen: Flowers Books, 2011). 

Veronica Fynn, Documenting the Undocumented: Redefining Refugee Status (Boca Raton: Universal Publisher, 2010).

Veronica Fynn, “Africa’s Last Colony: Sahrawi People – Refugees, IDPs and Nationals?” (2011) 1 Journal of Internal Displacement 2, 40-58.

Veronica Fynn, “Around the Fringes of Internal Displacement: Trending Mass Movements of Aboriginals in Canada” (2011) 1 Journal of Internal Displacement 1, 46-76.



  • Arizona Sate University
  • American Bar Foundation

Number of years as LSA member: 20
Collaborative Research Networks: Co-organizer - CRN 39: Everyday Legality
LSA Committees and governance positions: 

  • Law & Society Review Editor (Current)
  • LSA Annual Meeting Program Committee Co-Chair
  • LSA Board of Trustees (2x)
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Ad Hoc Governance Review Committee
  • Ad Hoc Member Survey Committee
  • Article Prize Committee
  • Nominations Committee

Areas of Research:

  • Access to Civil Justice
  • Civil Justice
  • Legal Professions
  • Civil Legal Services
  • Inequality

Major Award: MacArthur Fellow; Champion of Justice
Additional Hobbies: Hiking, camping and cooking
Unique Fact: Becky cooks a mean smoked goose breast as well as a "very nice" cassoulet

Top 3 Articles or Books Published: 

2018 Rebecca L. Sandefur. “Access to What?” Daedalus: The Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 148(1):49-55.

2016. Rebecca L. Sandefur. “What We Know and Need to Know about the Legal Needs of the Public.” University of South Carolina Law Review 67:443-460.

2015 Rebecca L. Sandefur. “Elements of Professional Expertise: Understanding Relational and Substantive Expertise through Lawyers’ Impact.” American Sociological Review 80(5):909-933

Media Appearance(s): Slate - Lawyers: Who Needs ’Em?

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